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11 January 2017

43 Philatelic Stand Holders representing 12 Different Countries

3 Philatelic Stand Holders

Copyright: Postiljonen AB, Anna Johnsson.

A complete list of attending philatelic Stand Holders is now launched here on the website.

As previously reported, all trade stands are located on level 4 and 5 at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre and when the offer was launched in September last year, they were all sold out within 72 hours.

Heinrich Köhler GmbH and Corinphila Auktionen with their Partners in the Global Philatelic Network will be present in the Philatelic Partnership Mega Stand on level 5. The three Premium Stands on level 4 are allocated to Stanley Gibbons Ltd., Spink & Son Ltd. and Philatelie Christoph Gärtner GmbH.

In total, we will have 43 philatelic Trade Stands with Stand Holders representing 12 different countries:

  • Denmark (3)
  • Finland (1)
  • Germany (3)
  • Hong Kong
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Sweden (13)
  • Switzerland (3)
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom (12)
  • United States of America (3)

17 December 2016

STOCKHOLMIA KICK OFF with the Swedish Fellows and Members

RPSL Sweden flag

Friday and Saturday, 16-17 December, the Swedish Fellows and Members of The Royal Philatelic Society was invited to a KICK OFF at “Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre”. The Swedish memberships were first introduced to STOCKHOLMIA 2019 in January this year, at a regional meeting which took place at “Högberga Gård” outside Stockholm. This weekend’s KICK OFF was a follow up initiated by Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällström, reporting the latest progress and invite the membership to further commit themselves to the exhibition.

Originally the idea with STOCKHOLMIA 2019 as the International Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of The Royal Philatelic Society London, came from Jonas Hällström, who persuaded Jan Berg as the RPSL overseas representative in Sweden to join him in this enterprise. Together with Gustaf Douglas, the three of them began the process, with the enthusiastic and warm support of the Society’s Council in London.

Swedes at kick off

Photo: 39 Swedish Fellows and Members came to the KICK OFF at “Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre” on 16-17 December.

The Swedish contingent as a regional extension of the Society, is large in number, is very active and intend to develop this further. Although the Philatelic Society London was founded in 1869, it took 24 years until the first Swedish philatelist Axel de Reuterskiöld was elected as a member in 1893. Since then, 57 past members and presently 78 active members, totalling 135 Swedish philatelists have or are recorded in the available membership files of the Society.

The KICK OFF was conducted as a two-days-program, with an overview tour around the exhibition venue on Friday, followed be a presentation of the currently developed concepts for the exhibition presented by Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällström.

  • To see Jonas’s presentation follow this link.

Saturday was the second day and was conducted as presentations on four different topics. Four Fellows and Members, Tomas Bjäringer RDP HonFRPSL, Mats Ingers, Staffan Ferdén and Richard Bodin FRPSL, gave very interesting and exciting presentations. To share their content and knowledge we have made them available from here:

  • Mats Ingers, “The Järnum Find” (Järnumfyndet) – Until now an unknown treasure in Swedish Philately which will be on display at STOCKHOLMIA 2019. His presentation was also followed by a handout.
  • Staffan Ferdén, His ongoing research project on Swedish Mail 1872 to 1940 which will be released as a book at STOCKHOLMIA 2019.

1 December 2016

Invitation to the STOCKHOLMIA Reception Taking place on 25 May at FINLANDIA 2017

2017 Reception Finlandia LP

Finlandia 2017

Fellows, Members and our Guests of The Royal Philatelic Society London are hereby invited to the STOCKHOLMIA Reception taking place in conjunction with FINLANDIA 2017.

The reception will be the official Society Reception at FINLANDIA 2017, and will be conducted as the “STOCKHOLMIA Reception”. The main event will be a presentation of STOCKHOLMIA 2019 – The International Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society London, followed by the launch of Bulletin 1 inviting Fellows and Members of the Society to exhibit at STOCKHOLMIA 2019.

More information on how to book your ticket to the reception is to be found in the attached invitation.

19 November 2016

Jan-Olof Ljungh Undertakes the Role as STOCKHOLMIA MEDAL PATRON

Jan-Olof Ljungh

Jan-Olof Ljungh (left) receiving one of his many Large Gold medals, here at AUSTRALIA 2013 from the secretary of the jury José Ramón Moreno (right).

We are very happy herewith to announce that one of the current Senior Philatelic Exhibitors in Sweden, Jan-Olof Ljungh, generously has made a significant financial contribution to the exhibition, to be used for the design and the manufacturing of the exhibition medal. With Jan-Olof’s commitment, the exhibition management has unanimously agreed to name Jan-Olof Ljungh as STOCKHOLMIA MEDAL PATRON.

Jan-Olof Ljungh is internationally known as a great collector of the early issues and postal history from the German Empire respectively from N.D.P, (he has four different exhibits on these areas qualified on FIP level). In addition Jan-Olof is a very qualified international exhibition champion and exhibitor.

Addressing the philatelic exhibitors who will be invited to exhibit at STOCKHOLMIA 2019, the Exhibition Medal will be one of the most important physical signs recognizing the exhibition before and after the show. Fellows and Members of The Royal Philatelic Society London will be invited to exhibit in conjunction with the release of Bulletin 1 which will be published in May 2017.

31 October 2016

Stanley Gibbons, SPINK and Christoph Gärtner Signed up as Premium Stand Holders

Stanley Gibbons SPINK Christoph Gärtner

Level 4, the exhibition’s main floor, has a large square in the middle where our three Premium Stands are located (36m2 each). We are very happy to herewith announce that three of the international ”giants” in the philatelic business have signed up for the three Premium Stands:

28 October 2016

The Mega Stand of our Philatelic Partner, The Global Philatelic Network, will be at Prime Location on Level 5


Having sold all Trade Stands we have been able to finalise the exhibition layout addressing the Trade Stands on level 4 and level 5. The balcony on level 5 is regarded as the Prime Location of the exhibition. The main activities on the balcony will be the ”Court of Honor” and the representation from our Philatelic Partner, Heinrich Köhler, Corinphila and their Partners in the Global Philatelic Network (GPN).

The Global Philatelic Network will have a Mega Stand at the balcony (see floor plan) and it will be about 80m2 size big, containing a comprehensive activity program during the whole exhibition. All the companies representing the group will be there: Heinrich Köhler in Germany, Corinphila Auktionen in Swizterland, Corinphila Veilingen in The Netherlands, H.R. Harmer in United States of America and John Bull in Hong Kong.

The main activity for the Global Philatelic Network will be the Rarity Auction being conducted on Saturday 1 June 2019. More information about the auction is to be found on the following Link.

23 October 2016

All Trade Stands Sold Out

The offering of Trade Strands was launched at STAMPEX in London on 16 September. We had 45 Stands to offer, 38 on level 4 and 7 on level 5, including the three Premium Stands (1a-d to 3a-d) on level 4. Basically saying - all Stands were blocked after 72 hours. The interest from dealers and auction houses has been extensive and we now have a que with dealers and auction houses who wish to participate but not could be offered a stand due to the limited number available. All in all we have stand reservations from 43 philatelic companies (dealers and auction houses) including the companies representing our Philatelic Partner for STOCKHOLMIA 2019, i.e. Heinrich Köhler and Corinphila with their partners in the Global Philatelic Network.

6 October 2016

Meetagain signed as Congress Organising Partner for STOCKHOLMIA 2019


A newly signed joint venture agreement puts congress organiser Meetagain in charge of destination packages, accommodation and other local arrangements for the 10,000 visitors and stakeholders expected to visit Stockholm during the exhibition week.

In addition to the above, the partnership’s scope of activities and responsibilities will be further broadened, according along our roadmap. Meetagain will be one of the key stakeholders before and during the exhibition week in 2019.


Martina Käck (left) and Caroline Knies (right) from Meetagain are taking on the role as PCO (Professional Congress Organiser) and join the STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Team.

With 25 years’ experience from the meetings industry, Meetagain has in-depth local knowledge, long and solid relations with suppliers and partners, and an extensive international network. Meetagain organises around 150 conferences annually, ranging from small group meetings to large, week-long conferences with over 17,000 international attendees. Regardless of size, the client’s needs are always first and foremost. “Close, transparent collaborations and honest relationships are at the heart of what we do. Our clients – and their guests – have to feel that they are our top priority, from start to finish,” says Caroline Knies from Meetagain.

Meetagain’s destination packages and other local arrangements for STOCKHOLMIA 2019 will be presented in Bulletin 1, launched in May 2017. Read more about Meetagain at www.meetagain.se.

2 October 2016

Portrait of Ramon Radnoci as being our Webmaster

Maria Gadh

What is your role as being the Stockholmia Webmaster?

- As the webmaster, I am responsible to design and develop the website for Stockholmia 2019 and further to create a usable and informative way to publish all information about the exhibition to our readers and followers worldwide.

How did it all start?

- I was actually out for a walk when Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällström called and told me about an interesting upcoming project. We talked for a while and I felt like wow, what an opportunity to be part of this. Of course I wanted design and develop the website for such an event like Stockholmia 2019 … and here we are.

What thoughts did you have from the very beginning on how to develop the website?

- Initially I focused on emphasizing the graphic design for the exhibition and integrate it as a natural part of the website. The first version of the website was a so called single-page website. But I soon realized that Stockholmia 2019 will be kind of an information heavy platform and hence it was not optimal. So, I restructured it and tried a couple of alternatives before I ended up with the website as presented herewith. Another important aspect was to develop a website that works well on mobile devices.

Further to web design, what is your background?

- I have been interested in computers ever since I was a child and my parents bought my first Commodore 64 in the early 90's. I was often there in front of the black and white old Samsung TV playing games. It continued with a 486 PC running Windows 3.11 a couple of years later. My interest evolved further so later I studied at a private high school directed to IT-studies and programming, followed by University studies in Computer Science. Ever since then I have been working mostly as a software developer at both small and large companies.

Tell us more about your company…

- Radnoci Software Solutions is a software development company that I run privately. In parallell I also work as a software developer as employeed. My customers are generally small companies that want a cost-effective and polite software development partner. App development for mobile devices is my primary domain, but I also develop apps for computers as well as websites and various other IT-consultancy.

If everything goes the way you want, what will we expect to see on the website looking ahead?

- The website will hopefully not change so much technically from now on. But of course the amount of information about the exhibition and the world of stamps will increase over time.

What do you like your own design of the STOCKHOLMIA website?

- I am really satisfied with it and hope that our reades and followers also like it!

18 September 2016

Thomas Larsson becomes Social Media Editor

Thomas Larsson

Reaching out to our primary and secondary target groups will be very important. One of the tools to reach out will be Social Medias and we have now appointed Thomas Larsson as our Social Media Editor.

Thomas runs the philatelic company Samlartorget.se in Sweden, which is a very active company on Social Medias. As of now he takes on the role as Social Media Editor for STOCKHOLMIA 2019.

We are now very happy to welcome you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and to be able to interact and share happenings in the joyful count down for the Exhibition to take place.

The official hashtag is #Stockholmia2019, to get to the sites please click the links.

Facebook Instagram

14 September 2016

Trade Stand Offer

Stand Offer Stand Offer Stand Offer

Click on the images above to open the documents.

The Trade Stand Offer comprises 45 stands including the three Premium Stands. Request for a Trade Stand should be addressed to Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällström jonas@stockholmia2019.se. Trade Stand Reservations will be executed as a "first to come first to serve basis".

10 September 2016

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Vernissage and Show Hours Announced

On Wednesday next week, the Trade Stand Offer Campaign will start off and will be launched here on the website. Along the way designing the Trade Offer, the show hours has been set. In addition to the five public days (Wednesday 29 May to Sunday 2 June 2019) a STOCKHOLMIA Vernissage will be conducted on Tuesday 28 May 2019 from 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.. The Vernissage will exclusively address the philatelic exhibitors, dealers and invited guests.

Show Hours

Tuesday 28 May 2019 3.00-7.00 p.m. Vernissage exclusively for Philatelic
Exhibitors, Dealers and Invited Guests
Wednesday 29 May 2019 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Open for the public
Thursday 30 May 2019 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Open for the public
Friday 31 May 2019 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Open for the public
Saturday 1 June 2019 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Open for the public
Sunday 2 June 2019 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Open for the public

6 September 2016

Floor Plan and Exhibition Layout Prepared

Waterfront_Folder STOCKHOLMIA2019_FloorPlan

Click on the images above to open the attached folder and floor plan.

"Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre", our exhibition venue, is Sweden’s newest and most versatile building for large-scale meetings and events. The accessibility between all levels in the building is extremely good, with stairs, escalators and elevators. This makes the movability between levels very convenient and comfortable for all visitors and stakeholders. A more comprehensive presentation of the venue is available in the attached folder.

The exhibition management is now ready to present the floor plan comprising the layout of the exhibition.

Level 6-7 Auditorium (1,500 seats)
Court of Honor
Global Philatelic Network
8 Trade Stands
Level 4 Main Entrance
37 Trade Stands
1,000 Exhibition frames
Level 3 STOCKHOLMIA Library
Meeting Rooms
Level 2 1,000 Exhibition frames
Meeting Rooms

1 September 2016

Portrait of Maria Gadh, STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Art Director

Maria Gadh

The STOCKHOLMIA 2019 graphic design addressing ”The International Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of The Royal Philatelic Society London” is implemented. At the activities performed in conjunction with the international launch in New York on 30 May, the graphic design was well received with complimentary positive feedback from our international audience. Plenty of positive comments have been received from philatelists and non-philatelists since then. We have herewith the pleasure to give a portrait of our Graphic Designer, Maria Gadh, who is the Art Director.

Maria, how did it come that you work for STOCKHOLMIA 2019?

- By an amazing coincidence I found myself in a meeting with Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällstrom. After listening to the exciting tale of the postage stamp's history and the upcoming exhibition, I was on board for the ride.

What is your graphic design background?

- I have studied at YRGO among other schools and now I'm taking a course at Berghs. Today I freelance as a graphic designer and illustrator with various clients.

Do you have any previous connections with philately and the hobby?

- I have a fleeting memory of a folder with stamps in my younger days, but it's not until now that I begin to understand the delight and extent of this hobby.

Maria, your first performance for STOCKHOLMIA was its logotype – tell us about the logotype?

- I knew I wanted to have the stamp included, somehow. And I wanted to make it look grand, after all it's a century and a half since the first philatelic society started, but keeping it with a modern touch. The corner of a stamp was the perfekt choise, it was a crown. The crown as a link to the Swedish Coat-of-Arms - Three Crowns, but also a tribute to The Royal Philatelic Society London. The stamp is there, you just have to look a bit closer.

Further to the seven illustrations addressing the event, what are your thoughts?

- I wanted to create an interesting scene of the exhibition and of the City of Stockholm, without giving too much away. I want to give the visitor the opportunity of a sneak peek of the event so that they can explore on there own when the time comes. The structure of the scenes are simple and to the point and the colours reminisce and honours the Swedish flag.

We are very happy to have Maria as member of the Management Team, and she will be important for the development and progress of our marketing along the way up to showtime.

21 August 2016

Christer Brunström takes on the job as Press Information Officer

Christer Brunström

The organizing committee is very happy to welcome Christer Brunström onboard to his position as Press Information Officer.

Christer is currently one of the most experienced Sweden-based philatelic journalists and his writings cover all philatelic areas which proves his extensive philatelic knowledge.

Christer is a regular contributor to Swedish and international magazines like SFF Filatelisten (Sweden), Norsk Filatelistisk Tidskrift (Norway), Linn's (USA), Gibbons Stamp Monthly and Stamp & Coin Mart (UK), Stamp News Australasia (Australia) and many others.

In his role as Press Information Officer Christer will be responsible for the compilation and distribution of information about STOCKHOLMIA 2019 in the form of regular updates.

12 August 2016

National Philatelic Partnership agreed with the Swedish Philatelic Federation

Swedish Philatelic Federation

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 and SFF Sveriges Filatelist-Förbund (“The Swedish Philatelic Federation”) has signed an agreement assigning SFF as National Philatelic Partner. The scope of the partnership is to address the philatelic market and philatelists nationally within Sweden.

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 will create a huge interest for philately and stamp collecting in Sweden the next years’ to come, having SFF as national philatelic partner is essential for the conductance of the exhibition.

SFF has appointed Christer Karlsson as Project Manager for the project to be set up by SFF launched as soon as possible, and so Christer will also be assigned to the exhibition management of STOCKHOLMIA 2019. SFF’s main project addressing STOCKHOLMIA 2019 will be further presented on SFF’s website www.sff.nu.

4 August 2016

Ari Muhonen appointed Philatelic Program Manager

Ari Muhonen

We are very happy to welcome Ari Muhonen (Finland) to the exhibition management as Philatelic Program Manager. STOCKHOLMIA 2019 will be planned as a destination event and the venue STOCKHOLM WATERFRONT CONGRESS CENTRE offers a huge variety of space for an extensive philatelic program.

The philatelic program to be offered will be one of the corner stones for making STOCKHOLMIA 2019 as an attractive destination point for philatelists from all over the world.

Ari Muhonen is professionally working at the University of Jyväskylä; He is the former President of the Finnish Philatelic Federation and currently is the chairman of the Finnish Philatelic Commission of the Federation; He is the current delegate to the FIP Literature Commission; He is the webmaster of FEPA. Ari is also one of the leading scholars of Finnish postal history.

We are very happy to welcome Ari Muhonen to the exhibition management!

3 July 2016

Alex Haimann FRPSL becomes ”STOCKHOLMIA 2019 AMBASSADOR”

Alex Haimann

Forming the organisation to extensively market STOCKHOLMIA 2019 as ”The International Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of The Royal Philatelic Society London” we are happy to announce that Alex Haimann, residing in the United States, will be part of our marketing team as STOCKHOLMIA 2019 AMBASSADOR.

For over 20 years, Alex has dedicated himself to a wide variety of activities and leadership roles in organized philately across local, national and international levels.

Alex currently serves the U.S. National Federation (American Philatelic Society) as Chair of the Board of Vice Presidents. He also serves the Royal Philatelic Society London as a Representative at-Large in the United States. In support of the World Stamp Show - NY 2016 International Exhibition, Alex led the Liberty Club and Patron activities along with service as a member of the Organizing Committee.

If you are questioning for even a moment your attendance at STOCKHOLMIA 2019, contact Alex at haimannat@gmail.com - This will be a philatelic celebration unlike any other before it....join us at STOCKHOLMIA 2019, celebrate and be a part of philatelic history!

3 July 2016

Selection of advertisments prepared


Further to our Graphic Profile we have prepared advertisements to be used where ever there is a space available for us. We have prepared a selection of advertisments:

  • 2 different Double-Page versions
  • 6 different Full-Page versions
  • 4 different Half-Page versions

The different versions as printable pdf-files are found Stockholmia 2019 Advertisements.

5 June 2016

Kjell Nilson taking on as STOCKHOLMIA CLUB
and Social Program Manager

Kjell Nilson

With the ”Invitation to Become Patron” launched the other day follows the introduction of STOCKHOLMIA CLUB. The aim of STOCKHOLMIA 2019 is to develop and improve the existing standards for philatelic events worldwide, so it in the future may be recognised as a new milestone for organised philately. STOCKHOLMIA CLUB will be closely connected with responsibilities addressing social activities for our Partners, Sponsors and Supporters.

As organisers we aim to offer an extensive variety of social activities and so we are very happy to welcome Kjell Nilson as STOCKHOLMIA CLUB and Social Program Manager. Kjell is a very good philatelist and an experienced philatelic organiser. He was Exhibition Manager for NORDIA 2005 in Gothenburg, which became a great success and until now still is the most extensive NORDIA exhibition ever held.

5 June 2016

7-9 APRIL 2017

Welcome to the PRE-STOCKHOLMIA PHILATELIC SUMMIT to organized by Corinphila, Köhler and their Partners in the Global Philatelic Network from 7 to 9 April 2017. The Summit will be chaired by Jonas Hällström and to be held at the STOCKHOLM WATERFRONT CONGRESS CENTRE. The seminars address collectors, exhibitors. Experienced judges, apprentice judges and philatelic judges and will discuss the choice of philatelic material with special attention on philatelic importance. The invitation is now online (link to invitation) and the deadline for applications (link to application) is 31 December 2016 (or when the Summit is fully booked).

31 May 2016

Invitation to Become a Patron

We would like to make it easy for all Fellows and Members around the world to participate. It is Your support that will help make this exhibition possible. Every contribution is valuable. We have a variety of options to enable you to support and become part of this significant event. You are invited to consider becoming a PATRON.

Link to Become Patron
Invitation Patron Digital.pdf

30 May 2016

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Internationally Launched in New York

At a presentation taking place in New York at the Javits Center, coinciding with the World Stamp Show NY 2016, STOCKHOLMIA 2019 was internationally launched for the first time. A full room with attendees (100+) showed up to listen to the concepts and plans for the exhibition. Frank Walton, the current President of the Royal Philatelic Society London, gave the background and introduced Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällström to present the partners, concepts and targets for the exhibition. Karl Louis from the Global Philatelic Network gave statements on their commitments as Philatelic Partners. The presentation conducted in New York can be viewed from this link.

30-May-2016-STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Kick Off.pdf
Link to Press Release

30 May 2016

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
Patron of STOCKHOLMIA 2019

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf

At the international launch of STOCKHOLMIA 2019, taking place in New York today on 30 May in conjunction with 'World Stamp Show NY 2016', it was announced that H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden has graciously agreed be the Patron of STOCKHOLMIA 2019 when it takes place in Stockholm from 29 May to 2 June 2019. The second press release was distributed.

Link to Press Release

30 May 2016

The First Exhibition Flyer Introduced

Stockholmia illustration

The first exhibition flyer has been introduced giving statements on the scope for STOCKHOLMIA 2019.


5-6 March 2016

The First Management Team (MT) Meeting Conducted

STOCKHOLMIA Management Team

The first Management Team (MT) meeting was conducted at STOCKHOLM WATERFRONT in Stockholm. STOCKHOLMIA 2019 MT currently comprise 11 stakeholders with commitments for the execution of the exhibition.

Link to Organisation


5 March 2016

Agreement with AIJP Signed in Stockholm

AIJP Patronage

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 signed an agreement in Stockholm with the Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques AIJP for official AIJP Patronage. Wolfgang Maassen (left) is President of AIJP and Jonas Hällström (right) is Exhibition Manager of STOCKHOLMIA 2019.

AIJP Patronage

18 February 2016

Press Information in London

RPSL entrance door

At a press conference starting at 4.00pm at 41, Devonshire Place in London, the home for RPSL, Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällström gave a press information to more than 100+ Fellows and Members of the Society about STOCKHOLMIA 2019 – The International Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society London. In addition, Dieter Michelson from the Global Philatelic Network announced their Philatelic Partnership for the exhibition. The first press release was distributed.

Link to Press Release

28-30 January 2016

Regional Meeting in Sweden at Högberga Gård

Royal Philatelic Society meeting

The Swedish Fellows and Members of the Royal Philatelic Society conducted a regional meeting in Sweden at Högberga Gård, outside Stockholm. Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällström introduced the concepts for the exhibition and invited all Swedish members to commit themselves to work with the exhibition.

27 January 2016

Logotype Introduced and Presented


STOCKHOLMIA 2019 logotype is introduced and presented for the Council of the Royal Philatelic Society in London. Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällström gave a comprehensive presentation addressing the Council about the concepts and proceedings for the exhibition.

21 December 2015

Venue and Official Hotel Contract Signed


STOCKHOLMIA 2019 signs the contract with STOCKHOLM WATERFRONT CONGRESS CENTRE and RADISSON BLU WATERFRONT HOTEL being venue and official hotel for the exhibition.

4 December 2015

Philatelic Partnership Agreement Signed

Philatelic Partnership agreement

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Philatelic Partnership agreement was signed with Corinphila, Heinrich Köhler and their Partners in the Global Philatelic Network. The agreement was signed in conjunction with MonacoPhil in Monte Carlo. Jan Berg FRPSL (middle) Commissioner General with Karl Louis FRPSL (left) and Dieter Michelson FRPSL (right).

1 November 2015

The Project Directive Signed

The Project Directive for STOCKHOLMIA 2019 was signed with the Royal Philatelic Society London. The Project Directive is the agreement between the Society and the exhibition management.


24 September 2015

Invitation Letter Signed

Eva-Louise Erlandsson Slorach as being the President of the Stockholm City Council signs the invitation letter to the Royal Philatelic Society London to organise STOCKHOLMIA 2019 in Stockholm.

Link to invitation letter

1 September 2015

Philatelic Head Patron Commited

Count Gustaf Douglas

Count Gustaf Douglas FRPSL agreed to take on the commitment as Philatelic Head Patron of STOCKHOLMIA 2019.

17 July 2015


Jonas Hällström conducted the first meeting at STOCKHOLM WATERFRONT CONGRESS CENTRE discussing the pre-conditions to organise STOCKHOLMIA 2019.

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden Patron of STOCKHOLMIA 2019

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf




STOCKHOLMIA 2019 is the 4th international philatelic exhibition being held in Sweden. A flashback to earlier exhibitions has been performed by Bengt Bengtsson.

Stockholmia – a flashback to earlier exhibitions.pdf


Press Information


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Pre-Stockholmia Philatelic Summit

Invitation Pre-Philatelic Summit 2017

Application Pre-Philatelic Summit 2017.pdf

Global Philatelic Network


Illustration: Global Philatelic Network from left:
H.R. Harmer, Corinphila Veilingen, Heinrich Koehler, Corinphila Auktionen, John Bull


International Organizing Partners

City of Stockholm
Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre

National Organizing Partners

Swedish Philatelic Federation
Radnoci Software Solutions
Web design
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Fischer Reklamateljé AB