About the Exhibition

The Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL) will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2019. The exhibition will be a further milestone in the internationalisation of the society. The only official international exhibition, whether competitive or non-competitive, will be that held in Stockholm as part of the sesquicentennial anniversary of the RPSL as

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 – The International Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society London.

The exhibition will address all (and only) RPSL members worldwide, comprise circa 2,000 frames (16-pages) and will cover both non-competitive exhibits for display and competitive classes.

Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 will be the official invitation (including the Individual Regulations of STOCKHOLMIA 2019 IREX) addressing all members of the Royal Philatelic Society London to exhibit and will be released at a reception taking place on 25 May 2017 at 5.00pm. in Tampere, Finland in conjunction with FINLANDIA 2017 https://www.finlandia2017.fi

  • Bulletin 1 will be presented here from 25 May 2017.
  • In due course, Bulletin 1 will be postally mailed to all members of the RPSL.
  • If you have any questions on exhibiting at STOCKHOLMIA 2019, e-mail to info@stockholmia2019.se.

Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 will be the official invitation addressing all visitors to STOCKHOLMIA 2019.

Bulletin 2 will be presented here from September 2018.


All exhibits will be awarded the exhibition medal of STOCKHOLMIA 2019 together with the diploma of participation.

Exhibits in competitive classes will be awarded the special medal of STOCKHOLMIA 2019 for the competive classes together with a certificate based on the judging.

For each competitive class 2-11 ”Best in Class” will be awarded with a special prize.

”The STOCKHOLMIA GRAND AWARD” will be awarded to the best exhibit of the exhibition. The candidates will be those ”Best in Class” and the best exhibit will be selexted via an open voting by the judges at the Palmarès.

≥ 95 points: Large gold
90-94 points: Gold
85-89 points: Large Vermeil
80-84 points: Vermeil
75-79 points: Large Silver
70-74 points: Silver
65-69 points: Silverbronze
60-64 points: Bronze
≤ 59 points: Certificate of participation

Court of Honor

Gustaf Douglas’s collection derives from a lifelong collecting of the classic period of Swedish philately. At STOCKHOLMIA 2019, his comprehensive collection will be displayed as a whole at the one and the same time in ”Court of Honor”. When Gustaf Douglas aquired one of the most famous stamps in the world - the Golden Color Error 3 Skilling Banco Yellow - he takes the liberty of saying: - This is my Golden Collection.

The Golden Collection of Swedish Philately comprise Sweden's classic stamp issues: The Coat-of-Arms "Skilling Banco" (1855-1858) and "Öre" (1858-1872) values; The 1 Skilling Banco Stockholm's Black Local Stamp (1856-1858); The 3 Öre Provisional Stamp of Local Stamp Type (1862); The Lying Lion Type (1862-1866); The Circle Type (1872-1891); The First Portrait Definitives Sweden 1885-1911 King Oscar II; Official Stamps of Large Size (1874-1895); Postage Due Stamps (1874-1882).

3 Skilling Banco Gul

Invited Displays

Invited exhibits will be presented here in due course.

Stockholmia Library


The STOCKHOLMIA LIBRARY will comprise philatelic literature and publications for display and the competitive literature class. The library will also supply publications for sale.

Wolfgang Maassen RDP FRPSL is project manager for STOCKHOLMIA LIBRARY and more information will be published here in due course.

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 has signed an agreement with the Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques AIJP for official AIJP Patronage.

AIJP Patronage

Photo: Wolfgang Maassen (left) is President of AIJP and Jonas Hällström (right) is Exhibition Manager of STOCKHOLMIA 2019. On 5 March 2016 the agreement on AIJP Patronage was signed in Stockholm.

Exhibits Listing

The final date for applications to exhibit, whether non-competitive or competitive, will be 30 April 2018. The list of exhibits will be presented here from September 2018.


The palmarès will be conducted as the official banquet of STOCKHOLMIA 2019 and will take place on Saturday 1 June 2019 at 7.00pm.

The invitation will be presented here in due course.


The competitive classes will be judged by an international jury appointed by the Council of the Royal Philatelic Society London.

The jury will be presented here in due course.

President of the Jury Lars Engelbrecht RDP FRPSL